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Manual wheelchairs in Fort Myers, FL

Manual Wheelchairs

Enhance your mobility today. 

If you’ve recently decided that you need to invest in a mobility aid, manual wheelchairs are one of the many excellent options available to you. It can be hard to narrow down your decision to just one model, but we’re here to help with that. We’ve gathered some important information on manual wheelchairs. If you have further questions or you’d like to explore your options, be sure to stop by Advanced Mobility & Medical Depot today! We’re conveniently located in Fort Myers, FL. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is ready and willing to assist you in finding the right manual wheelchair for your needs.

Understanding Walkers

Why Choose a Manual Wheelchair?

If you’re someone who is physically able to propel yourself forward without exerting a lot of effort, a manual wheelchair could be a great fit for you. Remember that speed is key when using a manual wheelchair, like when you have to travel through a crosswalk in a limited amount of time, for example. Those who suffer from a condition that causes frequent fatigue might tire quickly when using a manual wheelchair. For this reason, you should also keep in mind where and how often you’ll use your manual wheelchair. Remember that not all terrain is smooth and level so you may need to put extra effort in some situations, such as maneuvering curbs and other obstacles. A key benefit of manual wheelchairs is that they’re usually very easy to transport from place to place. You don’t need a special vehicle to transport a manual wheelchair that folds up and becomes portable.

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